Meta Block II
Meta Block II
In record time, they have completed construction of META BLOCK II, in Sathalayam School, a dream come true with 3 new classrooms, bathrooms and in the future, a space comunitario.Ello give the possibility to expand the number of students and will contribute to your comfort

Have finally gotten new uniforms Sathyalayam School, a touch of color and freshness.
Festival amb els nens excepcionals
13th Annual Special Day
JAL celebrates 13th Annual Special Day with the children of our project, the Special School in Certh India Hospital, Pondicherry.
Jornades esportives a Chennai
Sport Day in Chennai
Our students JAL Special School were selected to enjoy sports day Internacinonals in Chennai and were as champions in the category Basketball.

"Strength does not come from physical capacity, but an infinite desire"
Mahatma Gandhi
Acord de col.laboració amb Fontilles
Agreement with Fontilles
We have signed a collaboration agreement with FONTILLES , association working in the fight against leprosy in India, for the implementation of initiatives for the good of those affected. The agreement includes cooperation health interventions , advocacy , research projects and coordination of technical and operational resources that can improve the effectiveness of the two organizations
Nou curs escolar
A new academic year
A new academic year in Sathyalayam School started with a new and dynamic educational philosophy focused on English Medium from the small children. . .and premiere class for the kids and a new playground to enjoy together !!
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05/02/2017 Lepra World Day and Grants!

07/11/2016 Annual Medical Check in Certh India Hospital

07/11/2016 Barcelona and India and the music

28/10/2016 Diwali Festival

06/10/2016 4th Edition "Sports Day"

06/10/2016 Meta Block II

30/09/2016 13th Annual Special Day

16/08/2016 Sport Day in Chennai

08/07/2016 Agreement with Fontilles

13/06/2016 A new academic year

07/06/2016 New academic year at the Special School.

01/06/2016 Puja to give thanks

27/05/2016 End of school year

13/05/2016 Summer Camp at the pondicherry University

22/04/2016 Meta Blok II

18/04/2016 Training in CERTH INDIA Special School.

14/03/2016 Works and reforms in Sathalayam

10/03/2016 International Women´s Day

06/03/2016 JAL Visit Mumbay


26/02/2016 First stone for the expansion of the Sathyalayam school.

17/02/2016 Parade in Pondicherry beach (JAL 50 aniversary)

26/01/2016 Republic Day

17/01/2016 Pongal day

21/12/2015 Merry Christmas

25/11/2015 Profesional Excelence 2015

13/11/2015 50th aniversary of JAL

10/11/2015 Diwali celebration

29/10/2015 Jaume Sanllorente will give a speech to the UN Secretary General

27/10/2015 Dubrayapeth visit

21/10/2015 Unesco friends visit Pondy

12/09/2015 Annual festival in Certh India

31/08/2015 Medical Campus for the control of leprosy patients

24/08/2015 Computer class in Jaly Home

19/08/2015 World Humanitarian Day

18/08/2015 Agost 15th...Independence Day

10/08/2015 3th Sport Day whit all childrens.

09/07/2015 New school year

22/06/2015 Musicotherapy class

22/06/2015 Music therapy workshop for handicapped childrens


03/06/2015 Solidary chairs

29/05/2015 Importance of education for the future

24/05/2015 Ranjitha, nurse in Cert India Hospital

03/05/2015 Tango y Barrio