15 d´agost...Festa important a l´India
Agost 15th...Independence Day
August 15 is the day of the independence of India and in Jaly Home also has been held by a review of the history and several children have been characterized of which were the main protagonists of this great historical fact: the independence of India.Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Neru, Baratha Matha, Barathiyar, etc. They learn history, values, and at the same time having fun.
Tercera Jornada de Esports
3th Sport Day whit all childrens.
In order to motivate the sport interest among our children JAL support one more year the annual sport day among the children of Sathyalayam School, Cert India, Gypsy colony and Jaly Home childrens.
Mrs Vidhya Ramkumar inagurated the event whit Dr. Balasupramanyan
Un nou curs escolar
New school year
Again the school year to start Shatyalayam School, this year celebrated it especially why have approved school, which means that it will be a school of medium grade and this course 2015 / 2016 already will be held in two languages Tamil - English. This will open many more doors to all the children and not only learning and knowledge that is so necessary, if not all that above all in the very near future for them, to the world of work.
Inaguració de l´aula de musicoteràpia
Musicotherapy class
Finally have a classroom for the teaching of music therapy in Certh India.The first students are teachers who will then be responsible to carry out workshops and classes with children on a continuous basis
Taller de musicoterapia per a nens discapacitats
Music therapy workshop for handicapped childrens
Opening a room to start the 2nd stage of the Music Therapy Workshop intended for handicapped children school Certh India. The first phase was well received, both teachers and parents are very excited about this project !!
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05/02/2017 Lepra World Day and Grants!

07/11/2016 Annual Medical Check in Certh India Hospital

07/11/2016 Barcelona and India and the music

28/10/2016 Diwali Festival

06/10/2016 4th Edition "Sports Day"

06/10/2016 Meta Block II

30/09/2016 13th Annual Special Day

16/08/2016 Sport Day in Chennai

08/07/2016 Agreement with Fontilles

13/06/2016 A new academic year

07/06/2016 New academic year at the Special School.

01/06/2016 Puja to give thanks

27/05/2016 End of school year

13/05/2016 Summer Camp at the pondicherry University

22/04/2016 Meta Blok II

18/04/2016 Training in CERTH INDIA Special School.

14/03/2016 Works and reforms in Sathalayam

10/03/2016 International Women´s Day

06/03/2016 JAL Visit Mumbay


26/02/2016 First stone for the expansion of the Sathyalayam school.

17/02/2016 Parade in Pondicherry beach (JAL 50 aniversary)

26/01/2016 Republic Day

17/01/2016 Pongal day

21/12/2015 Merry Christmas

25/11/2015 Profesional Excelence 2015

13/11/2015 50th aniversary of JAL

10/11/2015 Diwali celebration

29/10/2015 Jaume Sanllorente will give a speech to the UN Secretary General

27/10/2015 Dubrayapeth visit

21/10/2015 Unesco friends visit Pondy

12/09/2015 Annual festival in Certh India

31/08/2015 Medical Campus for the control of leprosy patients

24/08/2015 Computer class in Jaly Home

19/08/2015 World Humanitarian Day

18/08/2015 Agost 15th...Independence Day

10/08/2015 3th Sport Day whit all childrens.

09/07/2015 New school year

22/06/2015 Musicotherapy class

22/06/2015 Music therapy workshop for handicapped childrens


03/06/2015 Solidary chairs

29/05/2015 Importance of education for the future

24/05/2015 Ranjitha, nurse in Cert India Hospital

03/05/2015 Tango y Barrio