What we do

Currently, Jal has been working in the south of India, fighting against poverty and infringement of human rights of the most underprivileged groups. The leprosy sick are still regarded as "untouchable", rejected by their families and society. We’ve been working for achieving their physical rehabilitation and family and social reintegration.

Girl and boys with different kinds of disability form so-called "invisible" group. They are something shameful for their families, that’s why many of them live confined in their houses, sometimes in inhuman conditions, some of them just disappear in silence from very populous environment devastated by poverty, where the value and survival of plenty of them depends on their capacity to work.

The right to health is a fundamental right. Jal, in conjunction with Certh India Hospital, also develops programmes of medical assistance.

The lack of economic resources and poor life conditions of many families, added to lack of prospects, create a very complex scene in some of the outskirts of Pondichery. Many children are abandoned in the street because of pressing family problems, illnesses or death of parents and so on. This has made Jal develop projects of education and reception with the objective to make the quality of children’s life better, covering not only their basic needs of maintenance, accommodation and medical assistance but also taking care of their future through their early education, with methodology and quality standards in their pedagogical equipment. This way, we keep the schooling rate and ensure the continuation of studies through a programme of scholarships, we also develop different extracurricular activities.

Our objectives follow The Millennium Development Goals and will contribute to the world campaign for education. Jal gets involved in this global effort to reduce poverty, its cause and demonstrations to fight out inequalities. Our aim is to make life better, sustainable development and achieve more social justice on our planet.